Tips For New Wine Drinkers

I often find myself with questions about various things regarding wine.  I, like most people today, go to google and pray I hit on an up to date source and get a valid answer.  Below are some of the questions and the answers I found.  Please feel free to add to this. =)

  • How do I store an opened bottle?
  • Why are you given the cork after a bottle is opened at a restaurant?
    • I was recently out with friends at a very nice restaurant.  After the bottle was opened the cork was given to the person that ordered the wine.  Fortunately for me this person was sitting next to me, so I could ask the question.  I was told, the cork is given so the buyer/drinker can tell that it's a good bottle of wine.  We ordered a red, she said the bottom of the cork should show color and not bleed up the cork.  The cork shape should be like a funnel, small on the bottom, wider on top.  And the cork should feel fresh, not brittle or falling apart.  I for one will now start looking a little more closer to my corks.
  • Rember the 6 Rules for Wine Tastings
  • How do I wash a wine glass?
    •   Dishwasher is ok, but if you are concerned about your stemware breaking, check out this article.  All you'll need is: Paper towel, dishcloth, hot water and cold water.
  • What is a Malbec?
  • Talk to your sales clerk at your local wine store.
  • I recently read a blog that contained some great info for the new wine drinker.  Please take some time and read this post.