Saturday, May 12, 2012

Are you in a Wine Rut?

  I read a very interesting article the other day.  It got me thinking about how easy it is to get into a wine rut, especially when you are new to wine.  You find something you like, why risk trying something new.  It can get pretty expensive, pouring un-liked wine down the drain.  So how do you expand your wine knowledge, without it costing you too much?  Check out the post from Matt The Wine Guy, great suggestions there.  And try out a few of my ideas, so far they have all worked well for me.
  • #Winechat- I've mentioned this before.  It's a weekly get together via twitter.  Each week there is a different topic.  It could be wines from a particular country, wines from a particular part of the country, or just a different type of wine.  It's a great opportunity to engage your local wine store clerk.  Tell them you are in a wine group and this week you are drinking X.  Give them your price range, the types of wines you prefer and let them help you find something.  Now, this can be hit or miss, but I love it because each week it gives me a chance to step out of my safety zone and try something different.
  • Wine Festivals- Spring and summer are perfect times for wine festivals.  In some areas, there are a few each weekend.  These festivals offer up an excellent chance to try many wines for a very low price.  In my area, the various wine festivals feature local wines.  There is nothing better then learning about and supporting your local wine producers.  If you don't want to shell out the money to attend one of these festivals, try volunteering.  Many of the vineyards request volunteers.  They typically pair you up with someone that is knowledgeable about wine, you'll be amazed at all you will learn.  Not only will you get into the festival for free, some may even pay you for your time and most likely you'll get a discounted bottle of wine out of it too!
  • Wine Blogs- I love reading blogs.  Whenever I read a review that excites and tantalizes me, I add that wine to my shopping list.  If I purchase and like the wine, I go back to that blogger and see what else they recommend.  I admit, this can be hit or miss, but finding a blogger or reviewer that shares your taste is not too complicated.  And if you let them know you've enjoyed their selection, most likely they will offer up another wine for you to try.
Do you have a way to try new wines, without spending a ton of money?

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