Sunday, December 23, 2012

Beer or Wine, the pleasure is all Mine

  I haven't been posting recently.  Why?  I've found a new beverage that has intrigued me, beer.  As much as I am a wine novice, my knowledge of beer is far less.  When people describe a beer as "hoppy" or "full of malt" I have no idea what they mean.  As a matter of fact, I could have cared less.  I was never a beer girl.  The only reason I'd drink beer was to get drunk.  If I wanted to drink to take the edge off a tough day, to relax or unwind, or to have something enjoyable, I'd open a bottle of wine.  Except for recently.

  I noticed back in October, for some reason, I really wanted to try pumpkin beer.  It was one of those things, everyone else seemed to be doing it.  I wanted to know what all the fuss was about.  Fortunately for me, there is a fantastic beer and wine store not that far from my home.  Total Wine & More.  They have an entire section dedicated to seasonal beer.  Then two aisles of single beers.  Just about any beer you may like is represented.  I found myself going there and making my own six-pack.  Many times it was just based on the prettiness of the label and sometimes the brief description of the beer.  We all know this is not the best way to find something to drink.  I decided it was time to begin my education in beer and share this all still enjoying a great wine from time to time.

  As 2013 approaches I hope to post more often with information and with what I'm currently enjoying!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Blueberry Pinot

  Last weekend I was out doing some site seeing.  I was not planning on buying any wine.  My wine rack is flowing over and I made a promise to myself I needed to open a few more bottles before I add another.  We  ventured to National Harbor right outside of Washington DC.  Fortunately for us there was a little open air market going on.  We walked around, picked up some amazingly yummy tomatoes and nectarines.  Just as we were about to head to the car, we saw a small tent offering wine samples.  Well, I don't know about you, but when I see wine samples...I'm like a moth to a flame.  I cannot walk away.
  The winery was Solomon Island Winery.  This is a local Maryland vineyard located in Lusby, Maryland.  This day they were offering their Island Mist collection.  I sipped Kiwi Pear Sauvignon Blanc, Mango Symphony, Watermelon White Merlot and last but not least Blueberry Pinot Noir.  I liked all of them, but the Blueberry Pinot Noir stood out.  
  It is labeled as a sweet wine.  Compared to many sweet wines that I've had the pleasure of tasting I did not come off as a sugary sweet wine.  Instead, it was more of a strong blueberry pinot noir.  It is recommended to be served chilled.  I don't typically like my pinots cold.  To me, if a wine is too cold it loses a lot of the flavor.  I tried this chilled and room temperature and both were absolutely delish!!  I must admit slightly cool is my favorite.  Will I purchase another bottle?  No.  I will pick up a case next chance I can!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Strawberry Banana Vine Smoothie Recipe

  I've noticed many people find this blog after searching for "Vine Smoothie Recipes".  Realizing what a huge disappointment this blog must be to those searchers I've decided to add a recipe. First I should say there are real recipes listed on Vine Smoothie's website.  I chose not to look there...actually making my evening drink kinda came upon me in a different way.

  I originally planned on having a simple glass of wine.  I have this chardonnay that I've been wanting to taste.  The warm weather today...well, it just seemed like a chard kinda day.  I was all set to pop open the chardonnay, when the bottle of Strawberry Vine Smoothie appeared.  Originally, I was just going to drink it over ice, but changed my mind and decided to try it blended over ice.

Some Ice
 As I was about to pour the strawberry vine smoothie into the blender, I spotted a banana on the counter.  Then I blended until smooth.

Guesstimate I added 8oz of Strawberry Wine Smoothie
  Once completed I took an apprehensive sip and was pleasantly surprised.  I find vine smoothies can be a bit strong, even over a few ice cubes.  Adding the banana and blending over ice, softened the taste.  It was actually perfect.  If you prefer more of a strawberry taste, add more smoothie, prefer more of a banana taste, add more banana or maybe use less around with it

TA DAH!!! My Strawberry Banana Wine Smoothie