Thursday, August 23, 2012

Strawberry Banana Vine Smoothie Recipe

  I've noticed many people find this blog after searching for "Vine Smoothie Recipes".  Realizing what a huge disappointment this blog must be to those searchers I've decided to add a recipe. First I should say there are real recipes listed on Vine Smoothie's website.  I chose not to look there...actually making my evening drink kinda came upon me in a different way.

  I originally planned on having a simple glass of wine.  I have this chardonnay that I've been wanting to taste.  The warm weather today...well, it just seemed like a chard kinda day.  I was all set to pop open the chardonnay, when the bottle of Strawberry Vine Smoothie appeared.  Originally, I was just going to drink it over ice, but changed my mind and decided to try it blended over ice.

Some Ice
 As I was about to pour the strawberry vine smoothie into the blender, I spotted a banana on the counter.  Then I blended until smooth.

Guesstimate I added 8oz of Strawberry Wine Smoothie
  Once completed I took an apprehensive sip and was pleasantly surprised.  I find vine smoothies can be a bit strong, even over a few ice cubes.  Adding the banana and blending over ice, softened the taste.  It was actually perfect.  If you prefer more of a strawberry taste, add more smoothie, prefer more of a banana taste, add more banana or maybe use less around with it

TA DAH!!! My Strawberry Banana Wine Smoothie

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