Monday, August 20, 2012

Scheurebe- Looking for something different?

  How do you like your scheurebe?  What?  Never heard of it?  Welcome to the club.  When I received this bottle all I knew about it was it was sweet and light (it came as in a shipment from Vinesse Sweet and Light wine club). 
  It seems over the years Germany has crossed quite a bit of grapes.  Scheurebe (pronounced shoy-ray-beh) is a cross between riesling and silvaner.  I had the pleasure of having my first glass of scheurebe to be 2010 Louis Guntrum.  According to the information I received from Vinesse:

   "Louis Guntrum crafts its Scheurbe in a sweet (but not too sweet) style that's also mildly spritzy.  The 2010 vintage is an exceptional wine-perfectly balanced and fruitful, with just a hint of Germany's famous minerality."

  If you prefer your wines slightly sweet, not sugary, light and with a pop, you will adore this wine.  I think it's perfect for a mixed crowd of wine drinkers.  Not too sweet, not too dry, simple easy and fun to drink.  Check it out!!


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