Monday, January 16, 2012

Sweet Reds

I honestly don't remember purchasing this bottle of wine. It may have been given to me, I really don't know. But I saw it sitting there and figured I should pop it open and give it a try. With my history, one would think I'd love this wine. It's cheap (I just looked it up, under $10), sweet and red. And yes it is sweet, but I'm just not a fan. I'll finish the bottle, don't get me wrong (I hate to waste), but I would not buy this again.

I searched the internet looking for a description and mostly what I found were negative reviews. I don't want to be a negative nelly, it's not that bad. I think it's probably a perfect wine for a very new newbie to wine. The reason I'm not a fan, I don't care for wines that I can drink as if I'm drinking a glass of fruit punch. And while it's not that sweet (maybe more in line with grape juice), I prefer to know I'm drinking a glass of wine.

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