Saturday, January 21, 2012


This bottle was purchased only because it was recommended by a good friend. A fairly inexpensive wine ($9.99) I didn't think much about buying it. She suggested this after I told her that I had gone to a friend's party the night before and had a glass of pinot noir and loved it. Since I had a few glasses and other wines, I neglected to get the name of what I had to drink. I was just excited to find something, other then a sweet wine.
As I drank I read some reviews of the wine. I decided to do this because I think it will help me get a better understanding of what I am drinking and if I should follow the recommendations of the reviewer. I found a review:
Light bright black cherry hue with fresh fruit aromas of spicy strawberry with slight cinnamon notes. Quite nice!
Palate--Juicy acid,with mouth watering presence. Light on the palate with strawberry notes and a decent finish.
This is a value "Coastal California" sourced Pinot Noir wine and Mark West does it well. Be sure to read the labels of the Mark West line of wines as they source grapes from all over the world. For $10, it tastes real and varietal so raise a glass.
My thoughts- It is very light. When it first hits your tongue it smooth and juicy. But as it works it way down your throat, the spiciness of it hits you. My drinking buddy did not like this. He took one sip, and said, "Not for me". Me on the otherhand, after one glass, I'm not sure. The taste is unexpected. I think I was expecting richer, heavier...I would drink another glass, but I am feeling a pretty strong buzz right now! :-) Before I pass final judgement, I think I need to drink another glass with a nice meal. So far thumbs up!!

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