Friday, January 13, 2012

Tacos and Beer

  I don't know about you but sometimes a quiet night in with the one you love is way better then hitting the bars or clubs.  This past Thursday was just one of those nights for me.  We decided to go to one of my favorite places Chipotle.  After we placed our order we decided to head to our local wine shop to pick up a few drinks for the evening.
  I wasn't in the mood for wine and truth be told I'm not a big beer drinker.  I started drinking beer only to get drunk.  I would always order Coors Lite and drink and party the night away.  But for a night in, curled up with my man, Coors Lite is not it.  I picked up Samuel Smith's Organic Raspberry.  What goes better with tacos then Raspberry Ale??  Come to find out, nothing!  Boy do I LOVE this beer.  Sweet, not syrupy, light and tart..  When you open the bottle you are greeted with a very strong aroma of raspberries.  It's smooth and absolutely refreshing.  I can only drink half a bottle at a time (I may be a light weight) but it just means more for the following day!

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