Saturday, June 2, 2012

Totally Random

  I was perusing my most recent shipment of wines from Vinesse Light and Sweet Wine Club when I discovered Totally Random Moscato.  I wasn't sure if I was in a moscato mood, until I read the back of the bottle:
When a quiet night at home becomes a dance party, or a dinner with friends starts at dusk and ends at sunrise - life is giving you its best when you least expect it.  So prepare for the unexpected.  Be.  Live.  Totally Random

  After reading I popped the cork and decided to live a little, and boy did I!  This wine is perfect for a night in with your sweet wine loving mate.  I also think it's a great bottle to have around in case friends stop by or for that spontaneous summer cook out.  It's sweet, ripe, fruity, but most importantly it's YUM!!  My "I-only-drink-sweet" husband really enjoyed this with me.  Grab a bottle and let me know your thoughts!

You can pick up a bottle here.

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