Monday, March 26, 2012

Boedecker Reflection Pinot Noir Rose

I discovered Boedecker Cellars via twitter. Yup, I follow them. I decided that I wanted to utilize the services of one the wineries I follow. I could not have picked a better place to begin. First off, their website was very easy to use. Not every winery will ship to every state and sometimes I find myself searching trying to find a winery's shipping policy. Once I was on the site their sale item, Pinot Noir Rose 2010 was easily found. I should say, I don't mind buying a wine that's not on sale, but since I'm purchasing wines weekly, it can get costly. So, yes, I do look for discounts and sale items. :-)
I placed the order late in the day on a Thursday and UPS was knocking on my door the following Thursday. It really was easy and seamless. Now to the good part, drinking! From their site:

Saignee Pinot Noir Rose. This elegant wine is 100% Willamette Valley Pinot Noir from all our vineyards including Carlton Hill, Cherry Grove and Shea Vineyards. The color is lighter than a typical red wine as we separate the juice from the grape skins after just a few days.

A delicious crisp, delicate yet round and layered, a perfect wine to pair with a medium weight meal such as pork tenderloin or roast turkey!

I am not sure what I was expecting. I think because of my lack of wine knowledge, I was thinking this would be a sweet wine. I, for the life of me, cannot tell you why. Maybe because of the color (much lighter than regular Pinot Noir) or maybe it was because the bottle said Rose and my immature drinking mind equated that to sweet. This is not a sweet wine. It's not a dry wine either. It is a light, crisp and easy to drink. It's not a wine you can guzzle, I like that. It's perfect for sitting back with friends, eating a great meal and having a fantastic conversation.

Btw, the next day it was even better!

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