Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Cupcake

I'd been eyeing Cupcake Vineyards Pinot Noir for awhile now. I noticed the brand back when I was drinking nothing but Moscatos. But (in my best "I'm better than all" voice) I thought since it was so inexpensive, it couldn't be good. What!?! I know! How stupid and silly can a person be?

I picked this up for under $10.00. I found this to be amazing! I wasn't sure what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised. It was smooth, rich, juicy with a hint of sweetness. The end added a kick of spice. Overall it was fantastic. I will definitely be purchasing this again and I really want to try the rest of the wines Cupcake Vineyards offer. MMM, MMMM Delish!! Looking for a yummy Pinot for your valentine dinner? You cannot go wrong with this!

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